Voluntary Association


FATHERS-4-JUSTICE SOUTH AFRICA is a civil rights group campaigning for truth, justice and equality in Family Law for children, their parents and grandparents. Children growing up without fathers, mothers or grandparents is an obscenity and social catastrophe waiting to happen.

We support a child’s right to see both parents after separation and demand AN END TO THE SYSTEMATIC REMOVAL OF ONE PARENT (mostly fathers and their families) by the Courts, for no good reason. Children need BOTH parents.

We demand the AUTOMATIC RIGHT to enjoy a meaningful, loving relationship with our children and grandchildren in accordance with the new Children’s Act, 2005. Shared Parenting must become the normal form of order issued in the Family Courts. All parents should be assumed to be fit, loving, caring parents unless conclusively proven otherwise.

We advocate the dismantling of every biased element of the existing grotesque, cruel, unjust and unaccountable Family Law Industry and the REMOVAL OF ALL PREJUDICE AGAINST FATHERS to be replaced by a fair, just and transparent system of justice based on the principle of equal parenting and our rights to family life enshrined in the Constitution.

Fathers 4 Justice will seek to EXPOSE MISCARRIAGES OF JUSTICE carried out in secret in the Family Advocate Offices and Family Courts, and bring them to the attention of the public.

We CHALLENGE THE GENDER BIAS INHERENT IN THE FAMILY LAW SYSTEM against fathers that results in them paying for children they are not allowed to see, homes they are not allowed to go to, and schools they are not allowed to visit, whilst resident parents (mostly mothers) widely abuse this gender bias to deny the non-resident parent (mostly fathers) access to their own children for no good reason.

We support research into the cost to society – a LEGACY OF CRIME, DRUG ABUSE, SOCIAL DECAY & SUICIDE left in the wake of generations of children growing up denied access to their fathers, and the effects on fathers of being dispossessed of their children.

Our aim is TO PROMOTE THE RIGHTS OF CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENTS in South African Law, supporting their right to enjoy a meaningful, loving relationship with each other, and the establishment of a more just post-divorce environment, in the true best interest of our children.

To this end, and in the face of an intransigent judiciary, a morally bankrupt system and complacent government, we believe in non-violent direct action against ALL areas of the Family Law system to raise awareness and combat Family Law Injustice.

We demand to be respected as loving, caring fathers who only wish the very best for our children.