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False reporting by the Pretoria News.

Psychologist Christa du Toit's guilty verdict of unprofessional conduct had indeed been confirmed again in her appeal.  You simply do not bring out a forensic custody report without also consulting the father of the child.
Friday 30 August 2013


National 29.8.2013 06.00 am

Defamation suit starts in High Court

Ilse de Lange

South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg. FILE PIC Picture: Nigel Sibanda.

A Pretoria psychologist has instituted a defamation claim for R500 000 against the founder of Fathers-4-Justice South Africa, Dr Steven Pretorius.

A civil trial in which psychologist Christa du Toit, 59, claims compensation for the alleged irreparable damage Pretorius had caused to her good name, fame and reputation throughout South Africa and abroad began in the North Gauteng High Court yesterday.


Pretorius’ ex-wife, also a medical doctor, asked Du Toit to compile a report in her custody battle with her husband. After the report was delivered to the attorneys acting for Pretorius’ wife, Dr Pretorius laid a charge against her with the Health Professions Council for allegedly contravening their rules.

She was found guilty of contravening the rules and given a suspended sentence. She appealed against the findings and was found not guilty on all charges.

Du Toit claimed in court papers Pretorius had wrongfully published a statement on the Fathers-4-Justice SA website in which he stated that she had been “found guilty of unprofessional conduct and scrapped from the role (sic) to practice as psychologist, sentence suspended for three years”.

She said the statement was defamatory and published with the sole intention of injuring her good name, fame and reputation by representing to the world at large that she had been “scrapped”, meaning that she had been struck from the roll and was unfit to further practice her profession.

Du Toit said she was never struck from the roll of practitioners and Pretorius should have ensured what he published was the truth, but published a report that was inaccurate and completely misleading.

Pretorius maintained the particular piece had already been removed from the Fathers-4-Justice website in 2006 and that it was completely true as it relayed the sentence imposed by the HPCSA. He denied that he had any knowledge of Du Toit’s appeal and said it only came to his notice on receipt of her initial summons.

He said Fathers-4-Justice was an organisation which campaigned for truth, justice and equality in family law ensuring that fathers played a fundamental role in the parenting of their children after parents separate and publication of the statement had been in the public’s interest.

He denied that the statement was defamatory or published with the intention of injuring Du Toit’s reputation.

Du Toit’s secretary and daughter both testified that the statement still came up on the internet when one did a Google search under Du Toit’s name.

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Dr Steven Pretorius2013-08-29 16:20:47

For the record, this psychologist's guilty verdict was confirmed on appeal, in stark contrast to what this article states. Fathers-4-Justice SA at all times published the truth in the interest of protecting the public. Dr Steven Pretorius Chairman: Fathers-4-Justice SA

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