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Frequently Asked Questions about Fathers 4 Justice South Africa:

1. What is the primary objective of Fathers 4 Justice South Africa?

  • The main goal is to efficiently guide families, including both parents and children, in and out of the legal justice system, emphasizing efficiency, expeditiousness, and cost-effectiveness.

2. Does Fathers 4 Justice South Africa charge for its services?

  • Yes, we do charge for both mediation and litigation services, but at significantly preferential rates.

3. Are you lawyer’s at Fathers 4 Justice South Africa?

  • No, we are not lawyers. We do not profess to be lawyers. However, we have learned the legal system and have a 100% success rate in our cases. We specialize in teaching individuals, at considerably preferential rates, to represent themselves effectively.

4. How do you handle individual cases through mediation and litigation?

  • Our internal mediation and litigation department assists nationwide. We evaluate each case to determine whether mediation or litigation is the appropriate approach.

5. Is mediation the preferred approach for dispute resolution?

  • Yes, mediation is our preferred first point of departure. It is a mature and amicable way to initiate the healing process, and we encourage it over litigation.

6. How experienced is the mediation team?

  • Our countrywide mediation team is highly educated and skilled, capable of handling and amicably resolving high-profile and high-conflict situations.

7. Can Fathers 4 Justice help with both family-related and non-family-related issues?

  • Absolutely. Our in-house litigation department assists with family law matters and extends support to civil, commercial, and criminal cases in the separation process.

8. How does Fathers 4 Justice put individuals in control of their legal fight?

  • We empower you to control your legal fight, costs, and overall litigation expenses, driving down the overall cost while demystifying the court process.

9. What services are offered regarding parenting plans?

  • We assist in creating workable parenting plans through mediation. In case of failure, we guide the process forward, issue a failure to mediate certificate, and may involve our litigation department.

10. How can I initiate contact with Fathers 4 Justice South Africa? Contact us via WhatsApp messages only at 066 331 8972 or through email at

11. What does the review of my case entail? We assess whether mediation or litigation is the appropriate path for your case, considering the specifics of your situation.

12. How do I make my parenting plan official? After a concluded mediated divorce/parenting plan, we submit it to the family advocate’s office for endorsement and to the family court for a final court order.

13. Can Fathers 4 Justice assist with international cases? Yes, we handle Hauge applications for children removed or abducted to international countries.

14. How does Fathers 4 Justice handle false allegations and denials of contact? We provide expert assistance in court, especially in cases involving false allegations, denial of contact, and financial matters.

15. How can I access emotional support from Fathers 4 Justice? We offer full emotional support as part of our comprehensive services.

16. Are there success stories that demonstrate Father’s 4 Justice’s effectiveness? Yes, our growing number of continued successes indicates our commitment to providing long-lasting solutions for families.

17. What sets Fathers 4 Justice apart from other organizations? Our services are proprietary and unique, and we operate within the law. No other organization in South Africa offers what we do.

18. How do I get in touch with Fathers 4 Justice South Africa? – Reach out to us via WhatsApp at 066 331 8972 or email us at

19. Is there a social media presence for Fathers 4 Justice South Africa? Yes, you can find us on the following platforms:
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