Fathers-4-Justice South Africa is a supporter-based Voluntary Association whose mission is to educate the South African public about the injustices inflicted on children and parents (mostly fathers) by the current family law system and about better ways of managing the divorce-access-custody system through shared and equal parenting. We advocate for shared parenting with equal parental rights and responsibilities. We believe children have the right to and the need for BOTH of their parents. We envision a social system where the custody battles are the exception, not the rule. We offer help and hope to children, fathers, and their families. If you share this vision, join us. Together, we will make it happen. 

Be a part of South Africa's fastest growing civil rights movement!

Association Approval: All association applications are subject to approval by Fathers-4- Justice South Africa (F4J-SA). F4J-SA reserves the right to refuse applications and/or to terminate associations in the event that a supporter breaches our terms and conditions, goes against the express wishes of F4J-SA, or behaves in a way that is detrimental to the organization or its mission. No refunds will be applicable in the event that an association is terminated. In joining F4J-SA, associates are deemed to accept our terms and conditions.

Basic Guidelines: Associates have a duty of loyalty and confidentiality to F4J-SA and are expected to act in a professional, disciplined manner upholding the established tenets and principles of F4J-SA including our commitment to peaceful, non-violent direct action.

Offensive Behaviour: The use of any bad language, personal attacks, sexist, racist or any other offensive behaviour that could bring F4J-SA into disrepute may result in the imediate termination of an association.

Complaints: In the event that an associate wishes to make a complaint about F4J-SA or a fellow associate this must be made to F4J-SA National Secretariat within 14 days of the alleged matter. Use of the internet forum to make complaints is unacceptable.

Trademarks and Promotional Materials: Fathers-4-Justice South Africa & F4J-SA are registered trademarks in SA. They must not be used without the prior written express permission of Fathers-4-Justice South Africa.

Persons barred from Associate status:  Anyone who has been found guilty (not mere allegations) of any offence against any child, including but not limited to abuse, neglect, violence, sexual molestation or child pornography.  All criminal records MUST be disclosed to F4J-SA at the time of first contact with the Association. F4J reserves the right to not allow such individuals to join our organisation. no corespondence will be entered into. 

Disclaimer:  Please note that we do not purport to be lawyers, advocates, psycologists or mediators and hence do not dispense legal advice.  All opinions are of a personal nature and based on personal experiences.  Please consult your attorney before acting on any advice.  F4J- SA will under no circumstances be held responsible or liable in any manner. mean or form whatsoever for the correctness or otherwise of any communications.  We do however strive to assist in an accurate as possible manner.

 Fighting for Truth, Justice & Equality in Family Law