Class Action Suite

What is the objective of the class action suit?

CLASS ACTION SUIT – So long as we continue to use an institution that is set up to fail our children – so long as the laws are broad and open to wide and personal interpretation by the child abusing divorce industry. so long as maintenance is used as a tool to obliterate fathers financially and legally instead of using maintenance for what it should be intended which is the care of the child. So long as there is no golden rule by which we define the child’s best interest – so long as there is a feminist bent on the rights and responsibilities of both biological parents – so long as the unwarranted removal of a child out of one parents life where no just cause exists and so long as parental alienation is not criminalized – so long as false protection orders and perjury are not criminally prosecuted – So long as the law is used as a tool to abuse our children’s constitutional and legal rights – we are going to continue to get the same results – We HAVE to change the fundamentals in law – The changes must hold the child abusing divorce industry directly, personally and severally liable if they do not act in the best interest of the child. As a parent you have a personal, moral, and societal obligation to leave a better life for your children and your children’s, children. The line has been drawn in the sand – this far and no further – You HAVE TO BE THAT! line in the sand – Join our class action suite today. Contact us on or

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