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  • A Male's Pathetic Appeal for Love
  • Henry Makow Ph.D
  • savethemales.ca
  • 17/01/2010
  • Contributed by: The Rooster ( 2 articles in 2010 )
Recently a young man named "Confounded Intellectual" posted a pathetic appeal for love on a popular website.

"So many men are simply starving for kindness from a woman but ...find sarcasm and cynicism instead," he wrote.

He spoke of "a climate of hostility among women towards men." Women manifest "self righteousness" where men "cannot win."

"...The Sexual Revolution has ruined it for everyone as far as trust goes...Men have a need to be admired by the women they love...It is the way men are made... It is from such admiration that a man derives his strength. The quest for this admiration...supplies him with inspiration and motivation to serve and accomplish in his world."

"There are women, thanks perhaps to the effects of feminism, who [cannot show] a man admiration, as if to say, "I'm not going to feed his stupid ego!"

"But, perhaps if his ego were fed once in a while he wouldn't be in the state of starvation that so diminishes a man as to prod him into the very ways that women find so intolerable. The result is a seemingly endless cycle of resentment and mutual punishment."

"A man needs to be needed ... yet the constant message sent (ad nauseam) by the modern woman is "I'm strong and independent! I don't need a man!" ...

"A man may respect a women for her independence, but he will cherish and love her for appreciating and needing (and in so doing bringing out) his manliness.

"What does a man look for in a woman? In a word, a home. To a little child, a woman (usually its mother) is ... a home... This is not to say her job [is] to raise [a man]--certainly not--but the shelter she provides for him emotionally, where he may be himself, generally makes him better, stronger, more of a man, and inspires him to provide for her and shelter her physically. Indeed, to the point of laying down his life."


"Confounded Intellectual" exhibits the state of mind typical of men unsuccessful with women. This state of mind caused me to waste my life in the vain pursuit of "love."

The key is "state of mind." Men (and women) have been programmed to fail.

I wish someone had said this to me when I was 20. Question your assumptions about love, sex and women. Contrary to what you think, you DON'T NEED THEM to grow and develop personally or to be happy. Indeed, this needy state of mind prevents you from getting them.

In a time when men have let women be seduced by feminists, and go AWOL, men need to pick themselves up by their bootstraps. Men need finally to be men.

Typical of young men, "Confounded Intellectual" is looking for a woman to "believe in him" and "validate" him. Can he see how weak this is?

Can he see how much power he's giving some stranger with tits?

Most women are insecure and looking for a powerful man. How can she respect, let alone love a man who needs her validation?

Men get their validation from other men, from the recognition and reward that comes from mastering a skill, and doing superior work.

Women are not really the best people to evaluate men. They have their own agenda.

Most of our assumptions about young women, sex and love are cultural. They're not true. They're fed to us as a means of distracting and controlling us.

They are part of the bogus secular (satanist) religion of "humanism" that has usurped control of the planet.

One of the pioneers of "humanism" was the philosopher August Comte (1798-1857.) He advocated idealizing women as a way of secularizing society:

"Women must become Goddesses," he wrote in "System of Positive Polity" (1854). "By substituting goddesses for gods, we sanction the legitimate preeminence of women." (Vol. 4, P. 446.)

"In a word, the new doctrine will institute the worship of Woman, publicly and privately, in a far more perfect way than has ever before been possible. It is the first permanent step towards the worship of Humanity. (SPP, Vol. I, P. 205.)

Worship of men or women is idolatry. This type of love is vampire-like You want to possess the fine qualities of the loved one, whether it is youth, beauty or wit.


Similarly, the idealization of sex is socially instilled. In the 1960's, the Cabalist views of psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) were drummed into society.

According to Abraham Maslow (left) a man's source of self-esteem is his penis. Because he is a man, he is the "bearer of a holy thing," a sceptre which no woman can ever have.

Sexual intercourse, according to Maslow's philosophy, is a religious experience. The orgasm is what gives meaning to life and makes man God-like in his striving for unity.

A woman achieves self worth when she finds she has power over the man in arousing "great storms of sexuality, . . . and also by her power ally and quiet these storms."

It is a "goddess-like power" which can be used as "one basis for her profound biological self-esteem as a woman."

Glorification of "peak experiences" as exemplified by orgasm and also by "transcendent experiences" of the religious mystic is the bedrock of Maslow's philosophy, a philosophy that has dominated thinking in philosophy, psychology, sociology, religion, and curriculum planning for the past half century. (Religion, Values, and Peak Experiences, Abraham H. Maslow ; Kappa Delta Pi, 1960; Viking Press Inc. New York, 1970 P. 115-116.)

As you can see, sex is the bogus religion of our decadent pagan era. By inflating the importance of sex and women, heterosexuality is destabilized and society is undermined. Men find women unapproachable and can't provide leadership or get love.

In reality, anonymous sex is generally a ho-hum experience. Andy Warhol called it "the biggest nothing in the world." Good marijuana is far better way to achieve transcendence.

As for love, feminism inflates women's self-importance. They are programmed to be "strong and independent" self righteous and aggrieved. TV and the movies are full of these role models. These women are un-marriageable and will grow old, alone and bitter or become lesbians.

Man wants power. Woman wants love. Heterosexual love and marriage is an exchange fof female worldly power for masculine power expressed as love. She devotes her life to husband and children and is loved and rewarded for her sacrifice. A career is her second priority. This is the opposite of feminism.

Love based on trust, loyalty and affection grows over time. Generally our expectations of love and marriage are much too high. They can make life better but they are a quid per quo ; not a sin qua non.

Most women no longer can sacrifice. Men must put these women on "IGNORE" and look for the remnant who are still in touch with their feminine instincts. Consider women who will accede to reasonable demands. Jettison the rest.

Men, stop behaving like you need women, sex or love to thrive. This is social conditioning. For every man whose life is enhanced by marriage, there is probably another whose life is ruined.


We are programmed to fail by our political and cultural leaders who are chosen by the Cabalist Illuminati bankers.

Societies that keep women, sex and love in their proper perspective are the healthy ones that ultimately will flourish. Their men are able to focus on serving God, which is really doing what God intended you to do, what you were born to do. Their women do not try to supplant and emasculate men. Rather, they empower their husbands and children, and are honored in doing so.

I say to Confounded Intellectual, seek self-respect instead of a woman's love. Reach goals that give you self confidence. Live up to your own spiritual ideals. When you're judging yourself, it's really God judging you. When you feel unloved, it's God's love you seek.


I am grateful to author Erica Carle for sending the information about Comte and Maslow