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Fathers 4 Justice South Africa Exposes Alarming Threats to Family Values and Children’s Rights by the ANC Government



Johannesburg, November 15, 2023 – Fathers 4 Justice South Africa, the prominent advocacy group championing fathers’ rights, is sounding a clarion call to the citizens of South Africa and the international community regarding the perilous state of family values and children’s rights under the ANC government. As of November 29, 2022, the organization brings to light the concerning abandonment of addressing, rectifying, or amending the family law about fathers’ rights under THE PORTFOLIO COMMITTEE OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT CHILDREN’S AMENDMENT BILL [B18-2020] S76.

Fathers’ Rights Neglected, Children’s Well-being Endangered

It has come to the attention of Fathers 4 Justice South Africa that the ANC, instead of addressing critical issues related to fathers’ rights, is prioritizing the promotion of a transgender agenda. This agenda includes advocating for the psychological, emotional, physical, chemical, and medical alteration of children, leading to what the organization terms as nothing less than state-sanctioned abuse.

The organization condemns the government’s pursuit of the transgender agenda, asserting that it poses a direct threat to the well-being of children across various sectors, including education, health, justice, and social development. Fathers 4 Justice South Africa contends that this constitutes a blatant violation of children’s rights and a betrayal of the ANC’s responsibility to protect and nurture the nation’s youth.

The Communist Manifesto’s Influence on Family Destruction

Fathers 4 Justice South Africa raises a poignant question about the ANC’s alignment with the Communist Manifesto’s call for the abolition of the family. Quoting key figures, the organization draws attention to the revolutionary implications of dismantling the nuclear family and the destruction of marriage, echoing concerns about the erosion of traditional family values.

Linda Gordon, Robin Morgan, Mary Jo Bane, Vivian Gornick, and Helen Sullinger are cited as proponents of the destruction of the family unit, their views paralleling what Fathers 4 Justice South Africa perceives as a dangerous trajectory in South Africa’s social and political landscape.

Government’s Role in Alienating Fathers and Endangering Children

Fathers 4 Justice South Africa contends that the South African government has successfully removed fathers from children’s lives, attributing the problem to fathers themselves. The organization points to changes in the Department of Social Development, particularly in the foster care portion of the Children’s Act, which grants the government the ability to separate children from their mothers without notifying fathers.

This, according to Fathers 4 Justice South Africa, could lead to an influx of children into the unregulated and potentially abusive foster care system, creating a scenario where South Africa becomes a major source of children vulnerable to the sex slave and paedophile trade.

Threats to Education and Family Bonds

The organization also highlights the government’s plans through the BELLA BILL to close 3000 rural schools, forcing children into hostel-type environments where parental interaction becomes severely limited. Drawing parallels with historical instances of reeducation centres and gulags, Fathers 4 Justice South Africa warns of the potential consequences of such policies, expressing concerns about the erosion of family bonds and the creation of an environment conducive to radical ideologies.

Call to Action and Conclusion

Fathers 4 Justice South Africa concludes the press release with a stark warning about the potential consequences of these government actions, urging citizens to take notice before it’s too late. The organization asserts that, unless corrective measures are taken, South Africa may find itself in a dystopian future where familial relationships are destroyed and children become victims of a system that fails to protect their rights and well-being.

The rights of Fathers 4 Justice South Africa, its members, contractors, and chairperson, both in official and private capacities, are declared fully reserved.

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