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Overview of Fathers 4 Justice Services


Fathers 4 Justice South Africa has its own internal, fully functional mediation and litigation department that operates on a national and international basis.

Fathers 4 Justice has a dedicated team to assist you nationwide with all your mediation and litigation requirements.
Remember, the primary objective of Fathers 4 Justice South Africa has always been to get THE FAMILY (both parents and the children) in and out of the legal justice system as efficiently, expeditiously, and cost-effectively as possible.
Mediation will always be our preferred first point of departure. It is a mature adult thing to do and allows for the healing process to begin. We cannot stress this enough: Mediate, do not litigate. It is better to catch a bear with honey!
Our mediation department, which operates countrywide, has a highly educated and skilled team of mediators that delivers. They are extremely capable of handling and amicably resolving high-profile and high-conflict situations.

We have an in-house litigation department that is beyond capable of assisting with all matters regarding family law; we also handle all commercial, civil, and criminal matters as part of the separation process. F4J SA can assist you with your civil, commercial, and criminal matters that fall outside of your family-related issues.
F4J SA will always first attempt to catch the bear with honey in our litigation matters; it is always better and displays a high degree of maturity to negotiate an amicable settlement!
Fathers 4 Justice South Africa’s growing number of continued successes is indicative of providing a long-lasting solution to our members and broader family and community. We are quietly and fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.

What is it that the Official Fathers 4 Justice South Africa offers?

  1. Activist role in society
  2. Handling of individual cases both through mediation and/or litigation.
  3. Telephone  consultation
  4. Review of your case
    1. Do we mediate or litigate?
  5. Put you in the driving seat—eventually, you will not need us!
    1. To control your legal fight
    2. This allows you to control your legal costs
    3. To drive down the overall litigation cost
    4. Demystify the court process for the common man and woman
  6. Get you and your whole family (both parents and children, in other words, the family) in and out of the legal justice system as     efficiently, expeditiously, cost-effectively, and timelessly as is possible
  7. Tried and tested conciliatory methods to prevent or bring a swift end to court proceedings (may require some litigation)
  8. Mediated settlement
    1. Counseling of both parties before the commencement of mediation
    2. Mediate both divorce and parenting plan
    3. Mediation for parent plan only
    4. Mediation of divorce only
  9. Assist in a proper workable, and executable parenting plan together
  10. In the event of failure to mediate
    1. Process forward
    2. Issue of failure to mediate certificate—with reason or reasons as to why meditation failed
    3. Handing your case over to our litigation department
  11. Concluded mediated divorce/parenting plan Making your parenting plan official
    1. Submitting it to the Family Advocate’s office for endorsement
    2. Submitting to family court to be made a final order of court
  12. Expert assistance in court at a fraction of the cost of a Lawyer or Advocate
  13. Experience in more than 3000 contact, care, guardianship, and maintenance cases
  14. Children’s cases, false allegations, denial of contact, and finance
  15. The Hauge applications for children removed or abducted to international countries
  16. Conduct the voice of the child to be presented court
  17. Parenting coordination
  18. Supervised vitiation to include
    1. Protocol
    2.  Conduct of all parties
  19. Investigations and analysis
  20. Cases involving social services
  21. Child Abuse Cases
  22. Litigation assistance in matters that include Criminal, civil, and commercial legal issues
  23. Protect you from corrupt lawyers, psychologists, Family Advocates, Public Prosecutors, Child Psychologists, etc
  24. Appeals at all levels all the way through to the constitutional court
  25. Expert assistance with all documents, including statements, heads of argument, letters, etc
  26. Full emotional support
  27. Highly effective advice on managing relationships with authorities such as the police, schools, and social services
  28. Telephone and email support

The objective of Father’s 4 Justice South Africa has always been to get families in and out of the legal justice system as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible for your whole family. We are now achieving it. We are delivering on our promise!

Please note that our service is proprietary and unique to The Official Fathers 4Justice;– we operate well within the law and what is legal. There is no lawyer (ask yourself why) or other father’s rights, mother’s rights, or parent’s Rights organization that offers what we offer in South Africa.

We can demonstrably prove that we provide the services offered above with a growing body of our ever-increasing success rate.

The ball is now in your court!


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